Symposium Posters

Active Older Adult Nutrition Education Program Needs Assessment

By: Meagan Maritato, Nicolle Aukland & Meredith G. Wagner

An Assessment of Consumer Interests in the Settings of Catering

By: Annemarie R. Kettler & Meredith Wagner

An Assessment of the Need for a Community Garden Program

By: Rachel K. Kuhn, Nicolle Aukland & Meredith G. Wagner

Assessment of Hemodialysis Diet Education

By: Maria Topp & Meredith G. Wagner

Child Care Menu Analysis and the Effects of the CACFP

By: Emily Pothast, Cheryl Stetz & Meredith G. Wagner

Food Neophobia

By: Sierra L. Kolle

Gauging Interest in an Employee Wellness Program: Incentives That Drive Motivation

By: Kenneth Witte, CSCS & Meredith Wagner, PhD, RD, LRD

Supplemental Insurance Coverage for Preventative Nutritional Care

Calling for a proactive and practical response

By: Lindsey English, UND Pre-Dietetics Student